About ACS

8014365328_19ea7952ef_zThe Automated Complaint System (ACS) builds on earlier collaboration between EMS Brüel & Kjaer and Los Angeles area airport authorities, including Los Angeles World Airports (LAX and Van Nuys), the City of Torrance (Zamperini Field), the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority (Burbank-Bob Hope Airport) and the City of Long Beach (Long Beach Airport). The airport authorities operate their own noise complaint systems using the company’s WebTrak.

ACS allows the public to lodge complaints about helicopter operations anywhere in the county. It ensures that no matter where they are filed, helicopter noise complaints are routed to the appropriate place and recorded in a centralized system. Complaints associated with helicopters approaching and departing a specific airport will be handled by that airport’s noise office under current practices, and are included in the countywide complaint dataset. Complaints that are not associated with any airport are also included in the countywide complaint dataset.