How to use ACS

You can investigate and report a disturbance by clicking on the Investigate with WebTrak tab in the navigation bar. This website can also be accessed on mobile devices.

WebTrak Info Panel
WebTrak complaint button

WebTrak allows the user to research which helicopter has caused the disturbance and submit a specific complaint. Once you have launched WebTrak, the steps under the “Investigate” tab will walk you through researching and reporting a disturbance. If you find the helicopter flight track associated with your disturbance, you can submit a complaint for that specific operation by clicking on the helicopter icon, and then selecting the symbol at the lower left corner of the box that will appear (see illustration). If you do not identify the flight, you can still file a complaint by clicking on the “Show Complaint Form” button or by filling out the form below.

If you are filing a complaint about a helicopter taking off or landing at an airport, you may continue to use the associated WebTrak site or airport phone number. There is no change to how airports in the region are accepting complaints. If you file your complaint with the airport, it will be properly registered in the regional complaint system.

If the Website does not suit your needs, you can call (424) 348-HELI (4354) and follow the prompts to provide specific information on the helicopter noise complaint. The menu selection has been developed to structure the disturbance report so that all efforts can be made to better identify the aviation activities being reported. The information provided by callers will be included in the countywide complaint data; however complaints filed on the website will include the most comprehensive and accurate information.

Ways to Submit a Noise Complaint

  • Fill out the form using WebTrak to identify a particular helicopter operation
  • Fill out the form below to make a noise complaint
  • Call us on (424) 348-HELI (4354) and leave a noise complaint